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The Best Diet Isn’t A Diet At All!

The Best Diet Isn’t A Diet At All!

This is the diet you’ll want when you finally accept that you are not designed for diets.

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It’s based on the premise that the object of a weight loss should not be temporary.  It should be a one-time effort to lose weight followed by absolute certainty that you’ll never have to worry about it again.


The problem with any diet is dieting.  Our body is not designed to diet.  It doesn’t adapt, it evolves.  It is the same body the ancient Greeks and Romans took pride in.  It has remained unchanged for eons.  When we diet our body assumes we are in a famine.  It slows our metabolism and gets ready to build reserves of body fat.


The minute we stop dieting, our body goes to work to recover every ounce of fat we have lost.


Nature has programmed it that way to protect us.  It even adds an extra layer of fat as insulation against the next famine.  Every time we diet, it is inevitable that we will end up a bit fatter than when we began.  Look around, and you will see the evidence everywhere.  Everybody diet’s sometimes and everybody is heading for obesity.


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Imagine the shock to our body when forty years ago, we flipped our traditional diet upside down and began to eat the exact opposite foods to those our metabolism and digestive system were built for.  But we did not stop there.  Factories around the world began to churn out fake food produced via a conveyor belt.  It was artificially produced food that was completely alien to our body.

We are forty years down the road, still sticking to the mindset that a diet is essential to a healthy body.  Not true!  A diet is a guarantee for an unhealthy body.  Think about it.  If just a single diet had produced a permanent weight loss, we’d all know about it.  We would all be well and truly on track for slimness instead of obesity.  The fact is; if diets actually worked, that’s how we would know.


Instead, the reality is that 60% of people are heading for obesity right now!


According to the latest obesity statistics, 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  These figures do not suggest a healthy population.  They prove that since we began to diet, we have gradually and consistently become fatter people.

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So how is it that we all know diets don’t work, but we accept this as the price for getting a temporary weight loss?  Perhaps we are eternal optimists who always believe the next diet will be the one that works.  Or maybe we believe it is natural to diet, or that a temporary result is the best we can ever hope for.


It’s sad! Especially since it doesn’t have to be this way.  The trouble is we have been thoroughly brainwashed.  If you consistently push a theory or dogma, no matter how silly, for forty years, there is a very good chance it will stick in the minds of people.


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